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Emmanuel Christian School Grad 2005
June 23 2005

Emmanuel Grad 2005

Highlights to Grace's Irish Dance Competition - 2003
Her last competition before retiring

fancy feet

Frontier Lodge Camp - Jr. High - June-July 2004
Doug was speaker, Sharon was cook!

Good Food!

Trip to Tremblant - Nov. 2004
LCC English Dept. Family Weekend

Kids at Mt. Tremblant

Trip to the Senstads in Florida - Jan. 2005
Sharon's Aunt Carol and Uncle Ken

By the pool

Gallery of Students' Projects

Macbeth Project - with video
Website/Video Project for Gr. 10 English
With permission by student Michael Soares

Macbeth Project

International Collaborative Literature Project with Neveh Channah in Israel
A 6 month web project with NC for Gr. 10 English

International Collaborative Literature Project

Global Virtual Classroom Web Design Contest - Team 20 - 2005
LCC Gr. 7 English Project - wow gold

Our Lockers, Our World

Global Virtual Classroom Web Design Contest - Team 34 - 2004
Emmanuel Christian School Gr. 9 & 10 Computer Studies Project - we won 1st Prize!!

GVC 34 - Progression Through Time : The Digital age of Technology

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