2006 Illinois Online Conference for Teaching and Learning
Feb. 15-17 2006

Online Learning Supporting The International Collaborative Literature Project

Israel-Canada partnership in online collaborative learning



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NC-LCC ICLP 2004-2005

Lower Canada College

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Rabin High School


Welcome to the IOC web presentation of Online Learning Supporting The International Collaborative Literature Project. We are proud and delighted to share our students' projects with you!

We have attempted to collaboratively build this website in order to present the process and final products of our students' collaboration over a period of six months and between schools separated by thousands of miles.

About us:

We represent three schools, one school in Montréal Canada, Lower Canada College, and two schools in Israel, Rabin High School in Tel Mond and Neveh Channah Torah High School for Young Women in Etzion Bloc.

Teachers Nellie Muller (Rabin), Sharon Peters (LCC), Leorah Addi (NC) and Reuven Werber (NC and IPNCL) harness the power of up-to-date technology tools to support the online collaborative learning literature projects. The projects were initiated and supported by the Israeli State Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports through the Israeli Pedagogical Network for Collaborative Learning. Currently, over 20 exchanges are taking place with schools in Israel and around the world.

Podcast by Reuven Werber about the Project initiatives.

To visit the moodle online learning environment which supported these projects, username = guest1, password = guest

Tech Tools Used:

The tools we selected and used for this project foster student participation, interaction, cooperation and collaboration so that the students are enabled to make deep, rich and meaningful connections between their cultures and the literature studied. By providing an authentic audience for the students, they are keenly motivated and engaged in the learning and sharing process.

Students' Feedback:

We asked our students to tell us about their learning opportunities through this project. Their work is visible in the moodle LMS and also on the websites that were created as a result of their assignments associated with the projects.

Teachers' Feedback:

We reflect on the positive learning experiences for our students and the challenges along the way.

Instructional Design of Projects

Although both projects were initiated and supported by the State of Israel Ministry of Education, the projects were very different in learning approaches and final products. The LCC-NC project took on a cooperative approach while the LCC-Rabin project was a collaborative endeavour involving both sets of students working together on the same assignment. However, both projects shared a process of online communication and support in the moodle LMS.

Multimedia Showcase

Please take some time to visit our multimedia showcase page. The moodle LMS and final websites were not the only manner in which we communicated our thoughts, reflections, impressions and ideas about our literature pieces and cultures. The showcase presents other forms of media that were used to enhance the learning and sharing experiences of the students. Much of the media were created by the students themselves.

Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs article on the IPNCL projects - dated Feb. 7, 2006

If you are interested in participating in this collaborative initiative for the next academic year of 2006-07, please contact Reuven Werber [reuw@nevnet.etzion.k12.il] at the IPNCL.

Questions and comments about our conference site can be directed to: speters@lcc.ca, reuw@nevnet.etzion.k12.il, or nellie.muller.deutsch@gmail.com

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LCC students in the computer lab
Neveh Channah students in the computer lab
Students from Neveh Channah
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