2006 Illinois Online Conference for Teaching and Learning
Feb. 15-17 2006

Online Learning Supporting The International Collaborative Literature Project

Israel-Canada partnership in online collaborative learning



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NC-LCC ICLP 2004-2005

Lower Canada College

Neveh Channah

Rabin High School

I am an English teacher at Rabin High School in Tel Mond, Israel, a P.A.I.R.S marriage and relationship instructor, and a Reiki practioner. I hold a BA in English literature and linguistics, and an MA in education, curriculum and technology from the University of Phoenix. I am currently working on a Ph.D in education online.

My professional interests include updating my website, writing online and offline lesson plans,creating WebQuests, writing online interactive student web pages, tests and evaluation rubrics, teaching ESL online, and working on my doctoral thesis.

I have been using and presenting teacher training workshops on WebQuests for the past 3 years. I created The Perfect Society for Rabin's grade 12 ESL students.  It was done in preparation for their collaborative English Oral Bagrut (National Exam). The WebQuest was based on The Giver by Lois Lowry. Since the WebQuest project was such a success last year, I decided to use it on the international collaborative literature project.



Statues exercise for
LCC students in the computer lab